September 17, 2008

Cupcakes Galore, and Many Frostings

By Saturday, for Poetry and Light, Cupcakes and Cocktails (to which you're welcome to come) I will make 400 mini cupcakes, and a plethora of herb and flower and fungus and fruit flavored buttercreams. The herbs will be made with herbs from the community garden (devising a method that involves simple syrups and infusing -- I'll let you know how it goes) . Trying Cupcake Project's saffron.

Also experimenting with rose, basil, lavender (but very, very mildly lavender), truffled honey, chocolate with lotus nut, rosemary mint (if it comes out tasting like Aveda shampoo it's out), and lemoncello. I would do more research on Cupcake Project but I kind of want to try these straight from my imagination.

More later.


Shashew said...

Okay, at least I know you're making these for an event, and not because you're having a stress-moment. 400 cupcakes! That's an adventure.

Lemincello is peaking my interest...and the Aveeda shampoo flavor.

Maggie said...

I'm dying to know how they turned out, especially the truffled honey and chocolate-lotus nut! What do lotus nuts taste like? I think I've only had the root.