February 1, 2008

January, Comfy Casseroles for All

Casseroles. Cheryl's idea. Perfect. Warming, comfy, traditional casseroles for January. I want to make one every day, had I only the time. But send in your favorites, boys and girls, and let's see if we can call upon the the Muse of One Dish Sublimity to help us, at least a time or two this month, comfort our loved ones and one another over the miles. Kisses to you all for the new year. --M

January Casserole Contents:

1. Our Mothers' Meat Pie -- from Margaret

2. Cindy Sends Several -- Cindy
3. Hungry Man's Linguini -- Young Frank (out of context but our first non-family post so I'm going for it!)
4. Cindy's Several More -- Baked Ziti, Good Old Tuna/Chicken Noodle Casserole, Three Cheese Pasta Bake
5. A Pennsylvania Mom's Roast Beef Casserole -- Young Frank

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