June 18, 2009

OK, Maybe the Stella Artois People are OK After All (or am I just an easy sell-out?)

K. So I'm really thrilled that FoodBuzz is sending me to the beer tasting dinner with Belgian beer sommelier Marc Stroobandt. I've been a lazy lazerton with the food blogging since I began this darnbeloved MSW program at Wash U, and am tired of feeling guilty about it all the effing time. Since nothing motivates me as thoroughly as free food and publicity, I know this dinner will get me at least posting regular photos of my latter-day college girl eats once a week or something. I still can't believe I didn't put up any food photos from the NOLA Jazz Fest! Bad me!

The dinner is Monday June 22nd at Luciano’s Trattoria in St. Louis. According to my dear friends the foodbuzzers, "Marc will be pouring Anhueser-Busch Belgian beers and discussing how to properly pour, taste, and pair these delicious beers!

My job is then to report my findings to you, photos and all. Be thrilled. :-)

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