April 18, 2009

1111 Miss Fava and Corn Cannelloni

Stopped by 1111 Mississippi for an appetizer and a glass of wine. I found the Fava and Corn Cannelloni to be quite delightful. Fresh, whole fava been were all cuddled up in some creamy ricotta (maybe homemade?), inside a nice folded, ridged pasta shell, itself swimming in a very fresh and acidic, and runny, tomato sauce. I really liked the strange fava/ricotta play. It was a texture thing. Texture things are, I think, the new frontier, and this dish is a pretty safe way to play that game without going into the big leagues, where you'll have to deal with the utterly unfamiliar, and likely enter there into the animal kingdom. As an appetizer it's pretty darn hearty. I could only eat one of the two in the order (though I had eaten every bite of my smallish spinach salad, prior). A nice round glass of Malbec went well with the cannelloni, but I think a bright white would do nicely, too. Oh, yeah, and if there was corn in there I didn't see it.

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