July 21, 2008

How to Survive Baseball in 111 Degree Heat

Quick answer: walk over to J. Buck's and get a cold cocktail. Stay and enjoy the game on the big screen TV until your super-sweet fiance comes in after the game to share a nice dinner with you. I like to think this is what any reasonable person would do. I did stick it out until the top of the 9th inside the big concrete, heat-absorbing bowl of a stadium that turned the 99-degree outside air into a 111-degree killer. I really think that's plenty tough-dame of me, don't you? Time to chill!

I chose to indulge myself with the marvelous Island Blue Martini, pictured above. Isn't it lovely? And so very delicious. The waitress said the bartender said the recipe goes like this:

Equal parts Malibu Rum and Blue Coraco

A splash of pineapple juice

Shake, of course, then pour.

Coconut. Pineapple. Blueness. Sweet anticipation; ordering this little drink was a joy. Like running toward the sea. Drinking it was even better. I'd have loved it just as much alcohol free. As a matter of fact, if someone could figure out how to make exactly this flavor and color purely, without chemicals, I'd -- she'd -- make a million bucks.

Stretch toward family recipe/story connection? My family loves baseball (yes, Cardinals baseball). My family loves cocktails. So there you go.

I know, I'm veering off focus here from the family thing. My darling relatives are really not engaging as fully as I'd hoped, with the exception of Ms. Lisa, and she has been busy with a new job lately. Therefore, I'm going to take a new approach to getting our family recipes and stories blogged here properly, which I will unveil in the coming weeks. In the mean time, the stretching toward connections will continue.

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