July 22, 2008

Dishy Italian

Remember back when I made the Unnamed Italian Dish for the STL Foodbloggers' potluck? Well, I made an extra pan of them and put it in the freezer. Last week I got it out, and had it now and then until Frank came over for the weekend and I fried an egg, warmed a serving of the IDICR, stacked and sprinkled the two with salt and pepper and Parmesan, drizzled on a little olive oil, and knocked his hungry socks off.

So now I'm wondering how many baked dishes and casseroles have the potential to become fabulous breakfast dishes is a flash, like this one. Seriously. "Add An Egg 101." Maybe we should do it.


KELLY said...

I've been in the "add an egg" mood lately, too. I've placed a poached or fried egg atop leftover polenta, sauteed spinach, roasted potatoes, and sticky rice.


Ms Unseen/MsF/Redlotusblossom said...

Ya! That all sounds yummm-E. I've had a secret egg add-iction for a long time, I think. I'm planning on sending a submission to your herb weekend, btw. I'm thinking something Thai, using some basil from my garden. Post the link if you want.