May 8, 2008

Mother May I

May -- Early Garden Veggies (Asparagus, Peas, Strawberries, Rhubarb, Early Greens, Lamb, new potatoes, Mother’s Day meals, spring desserts)

Here’s what I think would be totally cool to do: Everyone, think of your favorite thing Mamaw or your own mother (if Mamaw wasn’t she) made with any of these ingredients or for a Mother’s Day meal. It doesn’t matter if you have the recipe or not! Just write and tell me what you remember! If I must, I will research to find the recipes! We need more stories up here, more memories. I’m hoping this will cue some!

And yes, the final move out of our beloved grandparents’ house is happening this weekend, and it’s a painful dawn. Something entirely new is emerging. Not to be too cliché, but it is like a birth I suppose, all things new born out of great pain. Appropriate enough that it’s happening in spring. But I hope my mom will be happy in her little retirement duplex. And I know our hearts will bear the sad goodbye to the house that, for all of us I think, signifies love and stability. I know for me Mamaw and Papaw’s house has been the center of the universe, almost literally. The one place that, through everything, never moved or changed. The immovable mover, if you will. It’s hard to imagine now a world without access to it.

Also, Bill, Kristy and the kids are moving back to St. Louis at the exact same time. Woo-hoo, are they hanging on by a thread! Maybe I should make some dolce de leche brownies for them, if I can figure out how to get there with the major highway leading to their house totally closed down. Geez.

In the midst of this, here’s May, and time for the May recipes. Last month I got one from Lisa, and one from Aunt Janey, though it was May by the time hers came in, and so I’m saving it for the next seafood round. I took one of Nancy Thompson’s out of the cookbook, which was a big help. I do wish I could hear from you, Danny and Nancy and Courtney and Connor, more often – I’m not even sure it I am sending to the correct email. I know everyone is busy. Anything from any of you is a dear blessing.

Good news: I was, with the combination of the grant from Foodbuzz and the President's generous suspension of the paying down of the national debt by giving us that extra money able to buy a laptop, which is on it’s was to me now through the mails, and so I will be able to work on the blog at some other time than lunch hour at work! I am totally psyched about working at home on this blog (and other projects). I haven’t had a computer at home in more than three years, and you can imagine the crimp in my style this has caused! So, thanks Ben and George.

So, love to all. Send me a memory. Any time. Live in blissfulness. It’s spring.


I have several photos cached away waiting for upload, as I know have my honey digital camera in my possession for that explicit purpose. A new dawn is coming, full of lollipops and honey. Hang on.

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