April 1, 2008

St. Louis Food Bloggers Potluck

These wonderful professional photos from the Food Bloggers Potluck were taken by Jonathan Pollack, the spouse of Stef from Cupcake Project. Go check them both out. If you type the word "FOODBLOG" into the little field at the bottom of Jonathan's home page you can see lotso' photos from the potluck!

Check out the ooing and ahing expressions on these faces!

The cake I want to marry.

Kelly and I listening, perhaps.

Me, eating mine.

Close up of my dish. Chicken livers, white sauce. Nirvana.

What's a Food Blogger's Potluck? Well, maybe it's something like a Teddy Bears Picnic! A lotsa fun! I fell in love with a coconut cake by Natalia. She has a restaurant in downtown St. Louis, and I can see why because this cake is just, I don't know how to say it. I want to marry it. Those were the only words I could think of while I was eating it there. Natalia has a recipe on her web site! Go get it! It's like a drunken heaven in the tropics, only in wedding lace.

Kelly was there with her mac&cheese, which was of course super-yum. There are she and I, apparently listening intently to a nice young woman who's name I cannot recall, but my hands are certainly blurring around the wine, now aren't they? Action, anyone?

I took the Italian blini-like dish (as Alanna tells me), which is the thing I am slicing here, and of which you can see a close-up. There were rather more vegetarians than I expected at a foodie event, so next time I'll take something meatless.


ironstef said...

Oh man, I did not expect so many non-carnivores either! I brought the meatloaf cupcakes, and that's me you're listening to in the photo :)

It was good to meet you...we need to do more events like this...I didn't get a chance to talk to everybody! Oh well, it was fun.

Are you gonna post your recipe? I loved it...

Ms Unseen/MsF/Redlotusblossom said...

Ya, I know! It's unusual. But interesting, vegetarian foodies. A good thing! But I loved your little meat loaf cupcakes. They were imaginative and delicious. Everyone should go up to the link to your blog I put in the Unnamed Italian Dish post and go look at them. They were really good, and I'm picky about my meat loaf. Glad to know it was you we were listening too!