March 27, 2008

Ah, Goodbye March

I know. More or less I took February off. And most of March. My Papaw's departure sort of took the wind out of my writing sails, if you will, but things are leveling out now and the bees and back in the hive. And if you can straighten out that pastiche à la métaphore I'll make you one for dinner.

So, it's been kind of roasted meat weather around here. But I haven't really roasted a meat this month, as my day job is impossible and is requiring that I work absurde hours for no good reason and I haven't much of a life on account of it. One hates to complain when apparently we're entering the Second Great Depression or at least mini-D, but then it's not my job here to complain, I do that on another blog and here I am really to enliven you with deliciousness, aren't I? So let's just be grateful for employment and -- oh, by the way, my friend Kelly, another fabulous St. Louis food blogger, is starting as a cook's assistant at Kitchen Conservatory. She makes a wonderful blog, and is pretty mean at cutting up a lobster, too. Though not mean enough to drop it in the pot, oddly. I had no problem with it. This is not what was expected.

So, in honor of Kelly's burgeoning foodie career, I am referring you, my darling monkeys, to Kelly's page for a lovely Quick Cassoulet, complete with roasted chicken, and thus our meat for the last few days of March is presented. Thank you Kelly.

For April, though we haven't Easter in that month this year, we shall still have cupcakes. And, hey, why not send the recipes you liked this Easter? I made an asparagus casserole that I rather loved. I will post it. In the meantime, thank you for tolerating my completely ignorant attempts at French, and for being away, and for all other follies I surely must have enacted upon you, My Loves.

Adieu, je reste --