February 20, 2008

Free Rice in Honor of Our Papaw

Our Papaw passed away at home with his loved ones around him on February 6, at 5:05 PM, having reached the fabulous age of 98. He was a wonderful man, a true gentleman. He taught us love and respect and acceptance and how to enjoy a good meal and to thank the cook properly every single time without fail.

In honor of his passing, this month I am posting a link to the charitable organization, Free Rice. Go there, look at the word, chose its correct synonym, and VoilĂ ! they will donate 20 grains of rice -- for each word you synonymize correctly. Yes. 20 grains. It adds up, OK? Cool too that it looks like their ap tracks your vocabulary level and feeds you appropriately difficult or easy words while it keeps a running count of the grains of rice you've donated, as well.


Later on, when we're all healed up a little, I hope to make a whole month of Papaw Favorites here. Maybe next February, or even January, which is his birthday month. Anyway, right now I don't quite know what else to do. I don't have the heart to send out a call to all the relatives for recipes. So here it is. Papaw loved words, and food, and was a good, solid Democrat who believed that giving up a little of what one has to make others' lives better was just the right thing to do. As a matter of fact, shortly before he died he voted (absentee) to increase the sales tax in his town so that the kids could have more funds for the city swimming pool. I know he would be all for sharing some rice by playing an educational word game.

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