December 1, 2007

Cookies! Hot Toddies! Sillubub!

Thanksgiving. And a plethora of dressings. Bill’s mother-in-law Carol brought one, Bryan (brought along by Molly) brought one, and I made the oyster version.

I have to say, though, that minus that fruity one I made a couple of years ago (which seemed to make everyone forget all the good dressings I’d made in the past and decide I was a lousy stuffing maker) I am missing the cornbread-based versions I’ve whipped up in years past. Those were great. The last two years my mom has had packaged cornbread/bread crumb mixtures laying around and wanted me to use them, and really I’ve been rather horrified at the results, oysters or none.

Next year, then, I vow to post two stuffing recipes: my favorite, made from cornbread crumbs baked the night before and left out, half-crumbly to dry; and Mamaw Greatie’s, which in spite of its use of the packaged crumb product was always wonderful, not at all slimy or chewy. Had I remembered her recipes was in a pile of papers in my bedroom I would have made it! Alas.

In spite of that embarrassment of dressings and a few cranky persons (including myself) it was wonderful to see the old Papaw hanging in there for yet another holiday. Nearing 100. Wow, are we lucky.

And so -- on to December! with its call for Cookies! Hot Toddies! And Sillubub! Send them in, dears. Let’s launch this last month of the year with bang.

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