February 23, 2007

Lisa's Bean Dish!

Fast food! Also a great vegetarian dish! It's so quick and easy, all you have to do is throw it together. Works well with leftover rice, too.

Lisa's Mexicanish Kidney Bean Tostada Thingies

One can of Joan of Arc brand "Chili Beans" (mildly spiced kidney beans)
Hot cooked rice (one cup rice, 2 cups water and a good pinch of salt)
Pickled sliced jalepeno peppers (if you like 'em)
Shredded sharp cheddar cheese (or your favorite)
Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado (whatever you like)
Flour tortillas
Taco sauce, hot sauce, salsa and whatever else you'd like!

1. Warm the tortillas in the oven or microwave.

2. Spoon hot rice on the warm tortilla.

3. Add cheese.

4. Spoon hot beans on the rice.

5. Top with lettuce, tomato, jalepenos, and any sauces.

Submitted by Lisa

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Lisa said...

Hello Cousin!
I loved your recipe and the story behind it!! Wow, I can picture your mom choking down those beans in the name of love. I always ate (and loved) white beans because my dad cooked them, but I would like to try the pinto beans in the recipe for a change. Hey, if they were your dad's faves, they must be great.
I have a favorite bean recipe, it uses canned beans and it's great for a quick meal. I'll write it up and send it over- I am so happy you have started this blog.